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purchase and sale of agricultural products

LLC “Daylesford Merchant” team has long partner relations with global manufacturers of agricultural products, whose farmlands and capacities are situated on the territory of Moldavia, Romania, and other countries of the Black Sea countries.

Over the past 20 years the majority of the countries of this region have been regarded as ones of the world-largest exporters and market-makers of grain business.

We are ready to purchase the following products on local agricultural market:


Type IV. Subtype 4, Class 5.
State standard 52554-2006. 2016 year crop.

Characteristics: gluten 14-16, gluten deformation measurement 55-133 units, protein ≥12,3 , falling number ≥200, nature 720-760 g/l, humidity 11-14%, glassiness 20-30%.


First class. State standard 28672-90.
2015 year crop.

Characteristics: nature 630+ g/l, humidity <16%, foreign matter <2%, foreign grain <7%.


State standard 13634-90

Corn Characteristics: humidity -14%. Dry matter 859, foreign grain 8,5%, foreign matter 2,7%.
Corn Characteristics: humidity 21-24%, foreign matter 3-4%, foreign grain 9-12%.

Sunflower seeds

Characteristics: oil 48%+,
humidity no more than 10%,
foreign matter: no more than 2%,
foreign grain: no more than 7%.