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purchase and sale of agricultural products

Daylesford Merchant is a private international agricultural trading house. DAYLES HOLDING LIMITED, the parent company of the house, runs its operations in Europe under the single brand of Daylesford Merchant.

In Russia trading is performed by a domestic company LLC "Daylesford Merchant" (registration number 1167746749664, Tax identification number 7707371041), LLC "Daylesford Merchant" primary business is acquisition of grain products from local small and medium-size farmers, transport to the ports and sale for export.

LLC “Daylesford Merchant” possesses all the necessary legal and commercial infrastructure, as well as vast global relations in the domain of agricultural trading which allows it to claim to more beneficial and flexible conditions of leading business in Russia.
For many years we have been collaborating with the leading cargo ports of Russia and neighboring countries, which enables us to get the advantageous price offers for goods transportation services. We are planning to extend the horizon of our activities in Russia, conducting long-term commercial relations with key manufacturers of agricultural goods in different Russian regions.
Principales contractants

Our main counterparties are the largest goods traders operating on the market for a long time. Cooperation with them ensures compliance with commercial and financial contract terms.